MMA Retirement

One thing I will never understand is MMA retirement. I have seen so many MMA retirement announcements and then they are fighting again. At this point I don't believe when anyone retires. Conor McGregor retired and that lasted how long? I really don't get it. A fighter can lose consecutively four, five fights and doesn't... Continue Reading →


Sponsorship is very important for fighters. It's not just for the professionals. it's also important for the amatures. When I sponsor someone, I am helping them achieve their goal. Just like I support them, I also must be what they are looking for to be represented by. Even though any sponsorship would work, there is still... Continue Reading →

The Surgeon Without a License

In the art of Muay Thai you meet many people. People with different talents and goals. A few years ago I met a young man that was known as "The Surgeon". At that time I heard of him, but never had the opportunity to see him fight. Then it happened. Chip Moraza-Pollard entered the ring... Continue Reading →

It’s more than entertainment

Many people look at fighting as if anyone can do it. People don't realize that it is more than that. When a person chooses to fight they have many factors that help them decide. Some fight in honor or memory of a lost friend or family. Some fight to prove to themselves what they are... Continue Reading →

Secret Defense Uncovered

Audio We live in a time that everything is a national holiday or it's an awareness for something. April is known as Sexual Assault Awareness month. As you also know Sexual Assault does not discriminate on gender, race, or religion. I always thought that learning a martial art would make me violent or aggressive. I... Continue Reading →


Take a moment and check out my site. I added some of the fighters I have had the honor of photographing throughout the years. Simply click on the link: Igdalia LLC athletes to view the athletes. All photographs are copyrighted and owned by Igdalia LLC.

There Is No Secret About Who He Is

We all start somewhere in life. Some have dreams and others have opportunities. Camron Lochinov has been training MMA for ten years. It all started with a broken mirror. Superstitious people say that if you break a mirror you have 7 years of bad luck. However, for Camron it would be the start of his... Continue Reading →

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