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Having been given her first camera from her parents, at the young age of twelve, Igdalia learned immediately that she had a passion for photography—and also that she had a natural skill for capturing precious moments.  She also enjoys fitness, and women’s self defense.

Igdalia specializes in, but is not limited to:  Sports action shots, portrait photography, wedding celebrations, engagement ceremonies, your newborn’s arrival, maternity, christening ceremonies, pageants, and fashion shows.

The feeling of empowerment, allowed her to pursue photography: with her acute attention to detail, she was able to harness her skills in photography, so passionately in fact, that she seeks to obtain a degree in the field. Her love for photography was enhanced by the birth of her son.

Her passion for fitness and sports developed from discovering stories of her father; he was a very talented athlete, in both boxing and baseball.  Growing up in a household consisting of four brothers, she was able to see and value their love for fitness—and personal gain; she looked up to her brothers, who are into this rewarding and beneficial way of life. Because she felt that she couldn’t do as much as them at the time, she endeavored to train in Jujitsu and boxing, partially as a way of keeping up the family heritage, as well as making her own path.

Her dedication, for capturing moments that will allow people to remember those cherished lifetime experiences, allows her to utilize her talent in the field of Photography.  Igdalia’s inclination towards pro-health, self awareness, and enlightenment, has been her way of life for years, to transcend as a better, happier and stronger person.

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