Cage Titans FC 27 Plymouth Memorial Hall

January 30, 2016 was the first fight night of the year for Cage Titans XXVII held at Plymouth Memorial Hall. A night where there was nothing but suspense and amazing fights. Medina Photography was there to document the event. Please take a moment to check out the fight pictures: PreFight-21.jpg

1. Jose Lugo (Rivera Athletics) vs Nick Mancinone (FAA)

Winner: Jose Lugo doctor stoppage (after 2nd round)

2. Derek Trahan (Santos) vs John Douma (Plus One)

Winner: Derek Trahan unanimous decision

3. Aaron Paul (Rare Breed) vs Marty Kelly

Winner: Marty Kelly TKO 3rd round 1:07

4. Aaron Hughes (Tri-Force) vs. Sean Murrin (Carlson Gracie)

Winner: Sean Murrin KO 1st round :40

5. Chriss Marriott (Team Anubis) vs Sean Bettencourt

Winner: Sean Bettencourt TKO 1st round 2:25

6. Matt Alger (Rivera Athletics) vs Alrex Dolan (Independent)

Winner: Matt Alger rear naked choke 1st round 1:08

7. Jon Gruber (Team BKJA) vs. Gary Watson

Winner: Jon Gruber TKO 1st Round 2:11

8. James Collins (Rare Breed) vs Marty Naves (Lakeville)

No Contest

9. Richard Santiago (Rivera Athletics) vs Ryan Kane (Juniko)

Winner: Richard Santiago rear naked choke 1st round 2:27

10. Jose Rivera (Thornton MMA) vs Joe Giannetti (SSSF)

Winner: Joe Giannetti unanimous decision

11. Don Shainis (Redline) vs Kris Moutinho(Rivera Athletics)


12. David J Espino(Team Trifecta vs. Max Barrett (Juniko)

Winner: Max Barrett 1st round TKO

13. Dan Dubuque vs Manny Bermudez (SSSF)

Winner: Manny Bermudez unanimous decision

14. Keenan Raymond Kay Ray vs Peter Barrett (Juniko)

Winner: Peter Barrett (doctor stoppage)


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