Cage Titans XXVI

Cage Titans XXVI

Plymouth Memorial Hall

Click on the link below for a quick view of the gallery:


Flyweight (Pro, 125)

  1. Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell (11-6, SSSF) vs Tateki Matsuda (10-7, Sityodtong)

Welterweight (170) Pro Title fight

  1. Sean Lally (4-1, GFMMA) vs Will Santiago (4-3, F5 Fight Team)

Featherweight (Pro, 145)

  1. Scott Gorgone (3-0, MASSBJJ) vs Manny Bermudez (2-0, SSSF)

Lightweight (Pro, 155)

  1. Ralph Johnson (10-14, FAF) vs Roger Brackett (5-4, Laveville MMA)

Lightweight (Pro 155)

  1. Devin Carrier (DEBUT Lauzon mma) vs Sean Nichols (1-3, Sityodtong)

Lightweight AMMY title fight (vacant)

  1. Joe Giannetti (5-0, SSSF) vs Jacob weeks (3-1, SBG EAST)



 Straw weight Female 115lb AM –

  1. Melissa Ann Infurna (0-0, MassBJJ) vs Hilarie Rose (1-1, USMMA)


Lightweight 155lb AM –

  1. Dan Napolitano (0-0, Franklin Martial Arts) vs Bobby Baker (0-1, Victory)


Catchweight 140lb AM –

  1. Carlos Valladares (F5 Fight Team) vs Julio Martinez (0-0, Juniko)


Welterweight 170lb AM –

  1. Stephen Langlais (1-7, Team BKJA) vs Antoine Caparotta (0-0, SSSF)

Hvy AM –

  1. Rob Brown (1-1, Santos BJJ) vs Zeal McGrew (0-0, Redline)


Featherweight 145lb AM –

  1. Aaron Hughes (0-0, TriForce) vs Joe Smith (0-0, Lauzon)


Flyweight 125lb AM –

  1. James Palmer (0-0, F5 Fight Team) vs Richard Santiago (1-4, RAC)


Middleweight 185lb AM –

  1. Sean Stone (0-0, WMMA) vs Sean Bettencourt (1-1, Victory)


Bantamweight 135lb AM –

  1. Jessie Pires (1-7, Team BKJA) vs John Payne (1-2, Lauzon)


Bantamweight 135lb AM –

  1. Andres Rodriguez (2-1, Sityodtong) vs Rob Rios (2-3, Underdog)


Lightweight 155lb AM –

  1. Derek Trahan (0-0, Santos BJJ) vs Alex Dolan (0-1, Victory)


Flyweight 125lb AM –

  1. Jared York (0-0, TriForce) vs Tim Hagan (0-0, Nostos)


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